Monday, July 14, 2008

I like good deals on technology. Don't you? Sometimes the best deal is available through sites that sell refurbished products. Today we will feature just such a site:

I found out about Woot from my brother-in-law, Jason. He likes to check it out for good deals and stuff and he got me hooked. Woot is not like other discount sites like or because it only features one product a day. The deal on those products, however, is very good. For instance, the day I wrote this post, the featured product was a Dyson DC Slim All-Floor Vacuum selling for 259.99. I took a screenshot of it (on the right). Not a bad price for the product. I will be honest, I have never actually purchased anything from Woot so I can not say much about the quality, speed of service, or anything like that. However, I can say they feature a lot of cool stuff. I check out the site daily and I think its fun to see the great deals on different products (they range from vacuums to iPods to hard drives).

The Woot people claim they are not making a profit which was probably a joke. I think they somehow get there hands on refurbished products and are able to sell them at a great price. If anyone reading this knows more about how they get their products or about their service, let me know. I would be willing to buy a product from them that I felt was a great deal. Anyway, check out the site and tell me what you think.


rblaz said...

Today's featured product is a HP All-in-one color printer for $159.99.
Not a bad deal.

Derek and Tara said...

Interesting concept, how they have one deal a day. It means you have to go to the site each day and hope they have something you're interested in (not likely if you're looking for something in particular) as opposed to a site where you can go and search for something you need. It's like they rely on the deal being good enough that people who may not need a new printer, for example, to say, "I'll buy that because of the deal". But if you do find something you like or need, it's a pretty good deal.

rblaz said...

I agree. They must have a limited supplier which forces them into this model (maybe they are their own supplier). The business has been going for a while so whoever their supplier is must be pretty good.

Ty & Masha said...

Currently, I am not very happy with HP, so I am going to skip this post.

Still angry Russian

P.S. I want Mac