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Woot: is a discount site that uses the "buy now and save now" approach to selling its products. They sell products that are new and refurbished at well below market price. They must be able to get old stock from other sellers at very low prices and sell them at a margin. Either way, they sell inexpensive stuff. I have seen products from iPods to Vacuums to electronic helicopters to HDTV's. They sell anything they can get their hands on. The catch is that the products are only available during the day they are offered. They do not have an online catalog. However, some products, if they don't sell out, will find their way back to the site after sufficient time has passed. Anyway, check out

E-Cost: It was through Woot that I found (Woot lists great deals on the internet on the top right corner of their page). This site sells all kinds of electronics at very good bargains. I purchased an external hard drive from e-cost at a steal of a deal. The site usually has really good deals, but the best thing it has to offer is the "Bargain Countdown." If you go to the site and look at the top right hand corner area, usually on the menu bar somewhere, you will see a link to their bargain countdown. This is where they basically try to pressure you into purchasing something by telling you the bargain is counting down. Honestly, they typically continue to countdown the product until its out. But either way, they offer the products at amazing prices. Go to the site and see for yourself!

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Natalie said...

A digital picture frame for 34 bucks was a pretty sweet deal at ecost!

Derek and Tara said...

Can I get a "Woot woot!?" Awesome. I especially liked this deal on E-cost...
WowWee Femisapien Humanoid Robot

No, but really we would jump all over those deals on digital frames and jump drives.