Sunday, June 29, 2008

DVD to iPod Supplement: DVD Decrypter

Well, I told y'all about Videora in my last post. This post is a supplement to inform you of the DVD decrypting software that you can use to get the VOB image from you DVD. I would also like to inform you of a free image burner that will burn your DVD image back to a disc. The best thing about these two applications and the ones I told you about last time, is that they are FREE and they are good quality. No spyware, no viruses. Videora has ads, but that's it.

First, DVD Decryter: Yeah, that's its name. Pretty straight forward eh? The application itself is really simple. It is not, however, the most user-friendly piece of software out there. That is not to say that you can't figure it out. The best way to use it is in cooperation with Videora. In fact, Videora give you instructions on how to use it best. Make sure that you go through these instructions rather than just trying it on your own. Download DVD Decrypter.

Second, ImgBurn: Yeah, that's its name too. Also straight forward. This is free software that burns the images you pulled off your back onto a writeable DVD. In other words, this is the second phase of the copying a disc process that allows you to burn the VOB image. It is not difficult to use. In fact, it will make itself an option when you insert a blank DVD into your computer. You can also open the program and do it all that way. Experiment with it. It won't be hard for you to figure out. Download DVD Image Burner

That's really all I'm going to say about this particular subject for now. I don't think that these applications need tutorials besides the one proved by Videora. Pleae, if you have questions on how to use any of the software or sites I post here, please feel free to comment, e-mail or contact me using the contact feature on the side.

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