Thursday, June 12, 2008

MP3 Fiesta

For a review of the site, click here. Well I am back from a vacation during which I was unable to post cool sites. Hopefully that doesn't mean that I lost my two site viewers (although I know I lost one, my wife, because she was with me and also unable to access the internet). As a coming back present for you, I have a really, freakin' sweet site that will save you money: MP3 Fiesta.

Its a fiesta baby! An MP3 Fiesta. I love iTunes for obvious reasons (music, accessible, inexpensive). I could probably spend hundreds of dollars a week on music if I had my way. Well, I don't. I need an alternative to spending $.99 a song to save on pennies. The alternative: MP3Fiesta. MP3 Fiesta is an online music store much like iTunes that costs a significant amount less than iTunes. I honestly don't know a ton about where the site is based but assume that it is based out of Europe where they don't have copyright laws like they do here. So, that means cheaper music without DRM (digital rights management).

So how cheap is it? The new Death Cab for Cutie album costs $1.98. Cost per song: $.20. Legal? Nothing is 100% but it is legal in Europe and the "internet" has no national boundaries. Check it out. I love it. My thanks to Nate for the idea.

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StereoBalls said...

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