Wednesday, June 18, 2008

StarDock: Object Dock

My brother told me about a cool site called StarDock. StarDock is a desktop enhancements company. They make software that makes your desktop look cooler, basically. Anyway, they have a lot of software and I might get around to reviewing more of it but for the time being, I wanted to introduce you to something that will "Mac-ify" your machine. Stardock has a product called ObjectDock, which works exactly like the dock on a Mac. Here are some screenshots I made (the one on the left shows the Windows taskbar as well a the dock, the one on the right shows the taskbar hidden so that the desktop looks a lot like a Mac desktop):

So what is the point? Does it really look that much better or make life easier or whatever? Good question. That is one that you will have to answer for yourself. You will just have to download it and try it out. I will tell you why I prefer it (but I am a Mac user so I guess I am biased). Understand that this a new way to look at Windows.

Organization: Windows start up menu is okay. I mean, I like that it potentially aids in keeping the desktop organized. Personally, I have a huge (HUGE) problem with desktop clutter. I hate it so much. It is ugly and confusing (no offense to anyone with a "clutter-top" - "couldn't you at least try a new profession" - what movie is that from?). So, organization comes when you take your favorite programs off the desktop and place them on the dock. Really, all you have to do is go to the start menu, find the program, click and drag the icon to the dock and vuala! You can also do this (although it is done for you) with your my documents folder, my music, my movies, whatever. Same concept: click and drag to dock. It sure is pretty!

Accessibility: I like to be able to access whatever program or document from a simple place (that isn't the desktop!).

Its fun and neat looking: if for no other reason, its just fun to do and use. It makes your desktop look neat. You can customize the look to match your aesthetic preferences.

I recommend this software highly. I think its great. Macs are expensive (and better) and this is one way to enjoy some of the basic features of the Mac on a PC. Stay tuned to the site for a 3-part series of posts on Mac v. PC and running Mac on your PC (what? you can do that? YES).

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Derek and Tara said...

I'm glad I told you about this site. Makes me feel pretty good to know that two of my ideas have made it onto the Dull Bulb. Stay tuned, everyone, for more great contributions from me! Actually, I might be all tapped out now, so we'll just let Robby take care of it.