Thursday, June 19, 2008


This post, unfortunately, is not one you can use unless you own a Mac. But wait! Its really cool so you should still read it. This post is all about Spaces.

What is Spaces? Spaces is software that comes attached to Mac OSx 10 (Leapord, for our purposes). The basic idea is that it splits up your desktop into numerous spaces. Other operating systems do this too (like Linux) and in really spiffy ways too. But the way Mac does it is pretty sweet. So here is a case example for you: Lets say that during your typical session in front of the computer you will listen to music, watch some Youtube videos, check your mail, balance your budget, and find directions to a store downtown. All of these tasks will require that you open some sort of program and maybe even keep it running. You might even be a huge multi-tasker (like me) and want all of the programs open at once so you can do them at your leisure. Okay, as you all know, having a lot of windows open in can really be a mess on the desktop. You wish there was a way to divide these tasks by function so that you can clear away some of the clutter. Well, Spaces does that for you. Spaces allows you to create a variety of desktops that you can select between seamlessly. Here is a snapshot of my Spaces. Right now I am using 6. I used to use 4 but it just wasn't enough anymore... Click on the image to make it big.

As you can see, I am checking out my favorite blog, doing homework behind that, listening to music on iTunes, I am gettting ready to type up a paper for calss, I have my calandar, mail, and chat up, I am checking out Google Earth, AND I am running Windows XP. All of this is taking place at once, on seperate "desktops" and I can switch between the without a problem (the screen shot is the screen that allows me to select which desktop I want to go to). Holy Cow, huh? Its pretty sweet. The best thing about it is I don't have a clutter of windows on one desktop but as many windows I want, spread accross however many Spaces I want. I love Spaces.

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