Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Boost that Wi-Fi - Windsurfer

So your Wi-Fi coverage sucks in your house... Sounds like a little parabolic boost is just what the Wi-Fi doctor ordered. A parabola is that thing you studied in geometry and algebra and totally forgot about because you thought it was inapplicable to real life - well now you know it is applicable. The Windsurfer is the superhero of Wi-Fi connectivity.

The way it works is you call the Windsurfer when your Wi-Fi connectivity sucks and he descends from the heavens on his surfboard made of pure wind. He then overcomes the evil Wi-Fi Weak Signal Guy (the supervillian) and raises the Windsurfer flag of triumph.
Just make sure you hide all your valuables and children from him -
He will most certainly steal and sell off your stuff to buy weed and your children will be frightened,
or worse, idealize his lifestyle and "move to a van down by the river."
I would also lock your doors real tight so he can't get in when your aren't there... Stupid hippies.

The way it really works is you go download a little template cutout (grade school style) from the internet, print it, paste it on a manilla folder, glue some tin foil on the back, assemble the parabola, and attach it to your attenna. The final product: a goofy looking Wi-Fi router that boosts your signal and makes you feel better about life.

This is a quick rundown of the process - for more detailed info and instructions see the other video:

Here is another video by the same dude (he references it in the above video) that provides a little more detail on the concept and creation of the parabolic booster.

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Derek said...

pretty good idea. love the windsurfer too guy too.