Thursday, March 5, 2009

Holy Bonus! It's: Windows 7 design for XP

Microsoft is coming out with Windows 7 sometime by the end of this year. It will basically be a much much better Vista (it will be more than that but I like to say stuff like that). Anyway, some people - me - are still using Windows XP (I use XP, Vista, and Windows 7 - but XP nonetheless). After using XP for what feels like thousands of years, I have gotten tired of the same old blue, silver, or green theme. Some really smart person out there decided they had enough of it too and made a new theme for Windows XP that looks almost exactly like Windows 7. Amazing!

Take a look:
I took that picture... No I didn't. But someone saw my desktop and asked
where I took that picture and I was so tempted to make something up.
I would have said: "I took it while on a trek from Alaska to Peru, which I did alone and on foot,
drinking from rivers and streams, and eating only bear meat that I hunted with a handmade bow and arrow.
I also made the camera out of grass and bear eyes."

That is just the basic desktop look. The theme literally changes everything from desktop icons to the startup screen to the way windows looks. Check it out XP users and see if you fall in love with your XP all over again.

Download Seven Remix.

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