Thursday, March 12, 2009

Re-Run, Shmee-Run

Don't you hate it when you sit down to watch a new episode of the Office and its a freaking re-run? Well, if its the Office, its usually not that bad because its funny even 3 and 4 times over. But its disappointing...

What's a "rerun?"

So here is a way to check and make sure that your favorite show is giving you something new this week: RerunCheck. All you do is run a search for your favorite show and it responds very simply: yes or no and the show time. Check it out.

Now if only they would make it a Firefox add-on or desktop widget!


Tara said...

this post saved my life, literally, not literally, but it came at a perfect time when i needed it most. not even an hour ago i was dreading going to the different websites of the shows i watch to see if i should get excited about new episodes. wow, one source to find out about all of my shows. wow.

Ty & Masha said...

HAHA, that is awesome.