Friday, March 6, 2009

Deadspin Sports Blog

Deadspin I like ESPN as much as the next guy, but sometimes I like some sports news with a twist. I stumbled on Deadspin Sports Blog somewhere in my attempt to learn more about the recent Alex Rodriguez scandal (and everyone is jumping on that news cash wagon). Anyway, Deadspin is sports news with a twist. They add a lot of humor and cynicism to the news they report. The news is all legitimate (so its not like the Onion) but it is a more cynical look at what is happening.

A good example of Deadspin's take on sport's news is a post from today: You Win, Terrorists: Minnesota Cracks Down On Unsportsmanlike Conduct. Another favorite from today is: Even Alaska Wants Nothing to Do with T.O. These news stories are the same as what you hear all the time in the mainstream sports news. The twists make otherwise routine news a little more interesting and something to chuckle at - while learning the news.

Go check out Deadspin and maybe even add it to one of your regulars.

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