Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Max To

Max To: I am an anti-maxite - also a maxiphobe. These are the names given to a person that hates maximizing windows and/or is afraid of doing it. That's not true; but if it were true, it would most certainly apply to me. I just don't like it when a single window is taking up my whole screen. I much prefer having access to my desktop while I work on something. The problem is that I don't get to take advantage of the "maximize" button on a window because if I use it... my window will MAXIMIZE and I HATE THAT.

If I had a lot of money and the might of the 1950's US Military
at my disposal, I would most certainly blow up window maximizing with an atomic cannon.

The PC Solution: Max To. Max To is a brilliant little program that divides up your desktop space into however many sections you want. It works like a grid. When you have a program that you want to maximize in only one section of the desktop, you simply double click the window bar (that bar across the top) and that window snaps to the grid. Now you can maximize windows without maximizing them. Thats great!

Setup is quite easy. Just download the file and install it. Once installed and running, it bring up a space manager that will allow you to customize your grid.
If you have a really big screen, try setting up 2 main spaces. If your screen is smaller, try setting up 1 big space and 2 smaller spaces next to it. Either way, try it out and see if it is something that will help you use your space better.
Download here

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