Thursday, April 16, 2009

Photosynth - Its like you were there...

A while back, Microsoft came out with something new and very cool. Its part of the "Live" project (a group of applications that sync together to allow people the ability to integrate various things like e-mail, chat, photos, blogs, etc.). The new web application is called Photosynth. Its a pretty neat idea.

What does it do?

Photosynth gathers photos of significant places and events and stitches them together to form a very large picture. It uses the photos to stitch together a larger 3D image to make you feel like you were there. Here is a video intro.

Right now, the full version can only be used on a PC. The Mac version is somewhat limited but its still pretty cool. Here is a little Mac demo of Obama's Inaguration.

How about using Photosynth to solve crimes... Microsoft found a good place to advertise their new application: CSI

And if you really want to learn about what Photosynth can do, watch this small lecture:

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Natalie said...

Very cool. Those guys are geniuses!