Friday, April 10, 2009

Photo Collage maker

Time to make some photo collages! I searched the web for fast and easy collage makers so that I could make desktop wallpapers on the go. The following collage maker is one of the best that I found for fast and simple collages!

Photovisi is a fast and easy-to-use collage maker. It really is simple. You don't even need an account.
  1. First, click the Start button
  2. Choose your collage template
  3. Upload your photos - you can select multiple photos to upload by holding control (command) as you select your photos
  4. Wait a second while your photos upload
  5. Preview your collage - at this point you can delete, crop, or replace the photos in the collage
  6. Click the "Preview Ok" button to proceed
  7. Photovisi will offer you three different resolution sizes of your collage for download. Simply select the one that fits your purpose. For example, if you want to use the collage as your desktop background, download the size that most closely matches your computer resolution.
You're done! Simple, clean, fast, FUN! Enjoy making collages on Photovisi.


Natalie said...

Sweet. I am always interested in sites like these.

Derek said...

This rocked my world. I made one at work the other day and put it up as my desktop. Now I don't have to agonize over which one picture gets to be my background. I get to look at a bunch!

beez map said...

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