Monday, April 6, 2009

Pod to PC

Let me tell you a story about me and the iPod: Between 2003 and 2005 I was out of the country and was unable to remain abreast with technological changes. After arriving home, I remember driving with my older brother somewhere and listening to some music (my brother used to really love music - now he just likes it). He kept changing songs using some small, magical, music playing device. I asked, "what is that?" pointing to the device. He replied with a little surprise: "an iPod..." I then asked the question that would change my life forever: "What's an iPod?"

Thing is, iPod's came out in 2001 but were so expensive until 2003 that I never heard about them up to the point of my leaving the country. I was in Brazil and if iPod's were unattainable in the U.S., they were most certainly unattainable in Brazil.

This Newsweek demonstrates that iPod's really became
uber-popular in 2004 - check out the date of the issue

The point of the story is that when I first became introduced with the iPod, I thought it was sweet because that would mean my friends could give me all the music on their iPod by simply attaching it to my computer and uploading all the files. Alas, Apple (and record labels of course) were fully aware that people would want to share music in such a way and therefore made it completely impossible to use iTunes to take music off an iPod and put it back on a computer.

Although I may have wanted to use this method to share music in the past, today I wish that I could just use my iPod as a means of backing up my iTunes library. I own an 80gb iPod Classic. They only sell 160gb classics at present. I want to be able ot use my iPod to listen to music AND backup my music in the even that my computer hard drive were to fail. Unfortunately, because people (like me) would use a iPod to Computer function to share music, Apple refuses to allow the functionality.

Despite the fact that iTunes does not allow you to transfer music from iPod to PC, MANY MANY applications exist that will enable you to just that. Today's post is one such application.

Pod to PC: The following information comes directly from Pod to PC's About page and explains very well the benefits of using Pod to PC.

Applications and Features:

iPod Icon Easily copy any music or video files from any iPod onto your computer.
Free Software The full version of Pod to PC is 100% free. There are no transfer limitations.
Recovery Icon Recover your music in iTunes after your computer crashes by transferring the music on your iPod or iPhone back to your computer.
Preview Icon Preview music and movies on any iPod before transferring it into your iTunes library.
Automatic Transfer Use the Automatic Transfer button to instantly select, then transfer all songs on an iPod that are not already in your iTunes Music Library.
Playlist Icon Easily copy a whole or partial playlist from any iPod into iTunes.
Already in iTunes Prevent duplicate transfers: Tracks already in iTunes are indicated with a blue check.
All Song Info Gets Transfered All track info gets transferred including the track play count, rating (out of 5 stars), album and more.
Search and Filter Quickly find the tracks your looking for with the Pod to PC search bar and filter options.
Free Upgrades Automatic upgrades notifications, keeps users up to date with the latest iPod and iTunes versions.

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