Friday, April 3, 2009

Still Tasty - do your food a favor...

In my house we constantly have a problem using up our broccoli before it goes bad. We buy broccoli, fully intending to enjoy its goodness, then forget about it and it goes bad. It would be nice to know what kind of life the broccoli has so that we can plan accordingly. Or maybe even get some tips on how to preserve its life.

Still Tasty is the answer to our food preservation problems. It has a plethora of information.

"Forgive me El Guapo . . . but could it be that you are angry at something else and are looking to take it out on [your food]?"

Anyway, Still Tasty will hook you up with some pretty important information about broccoli (and a bunch of other stuff). See:

Oh! So that's how you freeze fresh, raw broccoli! Freaking Awesome.


Ty & Masha said...

Rob, This was an awesome website. Helpful too for our food storage. Thanks man!

Natalie said...

Great ideas! Thanks.

Derek said...

That's useful stuff dude. Tara is loving that site.