Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Many people are into using sites like Flickr and Shutterfly to share pictures on the web. Those are great sites. Maybe someday I will talk about them more specifically. Today, however, I want to focus on a site that is similar as far as uploading photos go, but awesome-er: Photobucket.

Awesome like the Star Wars rockband (I bet someone used Photobucket to make this picture):

Photobucket lets you upload pictures, store them on their servers, make slide shows, make virtual scrapbooks, and edit pictures. The uploading, storing, and slide show creation are all pretty run-of-the-mill. I like the fact that you can upload multiple pictures at a time, too. Really though, the best features Photobucket has to offer are the photo-editing and the digital scrapbooking.

Photo-Editing: Perhaps the best example of how you can use photo-editing to customize pictures is the logo for the dull bulb. I used Photobucket to change the look, colors, add text, etc. Basically, once you upload a picture to the site, you can click the "edit" button and begin making your pictures awesome-er. Its really easy to use. Just go try it. Setup a photobucket account, upload pictures, and edit one. Get busy making awesome edited photos.



Digital Scrapbooking: This part of the review is from the guest writer Baby G. She says:

"Photobucket has a new feature called Scrapblog. It is basically a really easy way to do digital scrapbooking and it is FREE! The first thing you do is choose a template that you like. There are about 144 to choose from. Each template has anywhere from 1-9 pages. The cool thing is that once you choose a template you can personalize it by deleting, adding, or moving everything you see.

"Let’s start with pictures. You simply click on pictures that you have already uploaded to your Photobucket account and you can add things like frames or borders. There aren’t rigid spaces where you have to put your pictures. You can put them anywhere, at any angel, and at any size you like. Next let’s talk about text. You have the same liberties with the text as you do with pictures. There are lots of fonts to choose from. Next, they have things called stickers. The first time I used Scrapbook I thought I could only use the stickers that went with the template I chose, but that is not correct. When you click stickers there is a button at the top called “Get Stickers.” Once you click that, it takes you to all of the stickers they have for every template. The stickers are the cute little things that are always so expensive when scrapbooking like; borders, cute phrases, pictures, and basically all the decorations you could possibly use to scrapbook.

"If you have made a Scrapblog you want to publish you just click “Order Prints.” You can have a book (soft or hard bound) mailed to you or delivered at Target. I have found Scrapblog to be very useful for my blog as well. You can save one of your scrapbook pages as a .jpeg and use it for a collage of pictures on a post or as a very personalized header."

So there you have it- Photobucket.


Derek said...

Photobucket is pretty great, especially when you don't have photoshop. We've used it a number of times and we've found it to be quite handy for our blogs, and there is a lot there that I haven't tapped into. Good call on photobucket. I like the hotdog picture, too.

Tara said...

I like this! I had no idea about the scrapbooking aspect. I've used it a lot, but really this takes photobucket to a whole new level for me. Thanks for the info!