Monday, February 2, 2009

Watching videos on the internet is one of my favorite past times. I find them diverting, a good opportunity to laugh, learn, and even get cultured. Obviously sites like YouTube and Hulu rule the world of video hosting. The site that I am highlighting today is a wimp when compared to YouTube and Hulu... But where would we be without little wimps that try and take over the world. Like:


Wimp is a really great site. Why am I even telling you about this site given the media giants that were mentioned above? Well, if you don't like doing the work of finding good videos but you enjoy watching them, this is the site for you. Its simple and straight forward. The maker of the site simply watches a lot of videos on the internet (I imagine), finds the best ones (what he/she thinks are interesting, funny, awesome, etc), and puts them on the site. The site looks really amateur and indeed it is. But what's wrong with that? The fact of the matter is that the site hosts really good videos - daily (typically around 15). Its like the cream of the crop for any given day.

A few caveats (warnings): First, the site can be slow. The admin is probably hosting his own server and it must be slow. Like I said, its amateur. But that shouldn't stop you from watching the videos. The site is REALLY simple:

Don't let that scare you away from it. Second, sometimes there is an inappropriate video on there - 99% of the time, however, it is void of anything crude or otherwise possibly offensive. Finally, you will probably get hooked. If you like videos like I do, you will notice that after watching a few of Wimp's videos, you will be watching them everyday. Enjoy! Thanks Wimp, whoever you are, for all the great videos!

THANKS TO SAM FOR TELLING ME ABOUT THIS SITE (that's Sam below, look closely at his shirt):


Natalie said...

I know this little WIMP has made me laugh throughout the day. I like it a whole lot.

Derek said...

I enjoy a lot of the videos on here. That's an unbelievable picture of Bill Gates, by the way.

Robby said...
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