Friday, February 20, 2009

Holy Bonus! It's: Start Killer

Do you hate your Start menu icon? Well, I don't really have anything against mine personally, but Start Killer does - it hates ALL start menu icons. It reminds me of my good friend Star Killer:

If Start Killer could destroy Start menus with the
Force Push/Sith Lightning Zap or a lightsaber it would definitely be cool.

It doesn't. But it does do this:
Holy crap, the start menu is gone! And it used that dialogue box thingy to do it ...
definitely not as cool as Star Killer

Well, I just thought this little desktop tweak was kind of cool. It allows you to "kill" the start menu icon, thereby removing it from your start menu. The utility of this? It gives you more room on the taskbar for windows (and for killing stormtroopers - no, not as cool as Star Killer)... That's about all I can think of. You might consider using it together with Stardock's ObjectDock or RocketDock so that you have a Mac-like dock on the bottom of your screen and a minimized window bar on the top or sides without a start menu... I don't know, its just a cool tweak so use it if you want. I added it as a bonus because its not the MOST useful thing in the world and its definitely not as cool as Star Killer:
That's REALLY how he carries his lightsaber. I know... He's AWESOME!

Oh, did I mention the dude pulled a Star Destroyer OUT OF THE SKY!!?
Can Start Killer do that?

I'm not a nerd so stop thinking it!

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