Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wallpaper Juggler

Mac OS X comes with a handy little feature: you can change your wallpaper at a fixed interval between any wallpaper you want. I found a little application (Wallpaper Juggler) that allows you to do that on a PC as well. The application is free and it allows you to specify a location where you are storing images that you would like to cycle through your wallpapers. It requires Microsoft .net framework 3.5. Download Microsoft .net framework 3.5 here. Download Wallpaper Juggler here.

First you need to install the .net framework. Just double click the .exe file once your download finishes, accept the user agreement, and it will proceed to install your goods. The install requires the internet so make sure you have a good connection and it will all go much faster. It took like 5-10 minutes to do the install. You will have to reboot after the install finishes - no surprise there.

Installing Juggler is just as easy. Open the zipped folder you downloaded, drag and drop the Juggler icon in that folder to your desktop (this effectually unzips the file). Now, double click the Juggler.exe file (the one you just dropped on your desktop). Just go through the setup and you are good to go.

The best way to change between pictures is to create a folder and place the pictures you want to be your desktop background in it. Using the Juggler preferences menu, reference that folder by adding it using the "add" button. Now, set the interval you want for changes and pronto - you now have a cycling desktop wallpaper. Yay!

By the way, Windows 7 does this natively - so when that comes out in December 09, you will be able to change your wallpaper without any extra setup. Double Yay!

For more help with setup, go here.


Derek said...

This is a great suggestion because I've always enjoyed a cycling wallpaper. I was going to get a Mac just so that it would do that for me. Just kidding, but this is very cool. I'm downloading it now. Thanks for the reminder that the download requires the internet :).

Robby said...

tell me how it works