Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Viral Videos

You all know about and have seen viral videos even if you don't know the term. Wikipedia, that massive wealth of human knowledge, instructs us that: "A viral video is a video clip that gains widespread popularity through the process of Internet sharing, typically through email or Instant messaging, blogs and other media sharing websites." Viral videos are typically ultra popular and attract large audiences to sites like YouTube and Funny or Die. For example, the ever-popular Star Wars kid and Yuma Yuma kid, videos that sparked MILLIONS of views and thousands of response videos:

Corporations attempt to make viral videos either subtly advertising their products as in this BMW viral. Sometimes, however, they simply attempt to make a video that will grab a viewers attention then plaster their name on it for some positive association. Like this one:

Anyway, if you like viral videos and want to stay on top of them, Viral Video Chart will help you with that. The site tracks the videos by explosions in popularity and even provides you with a graph. What service! Enjoy!

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Tara said...

I love this! Thanks for the tip about Viral Video Chart. I've only been aware of some of the more obvious sites for these types of clips, so it's cool to become acquainted with another source.