Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So I am a huge fan of open source software (software with an open source code meaning that the code, which is written in a computer language and is the building block of the software, is open to be edited by whomever). I like it because it is usually inexpensive or downright free. I also like it because the source code is open. Now, I don't know any computer languages. I don't have much interest in being able to "code." So why would I like the fact that the source code is open? Well, open source code means that anyone can edit it. Which means that anyone who is interested and knows what they are doing can make meaningful contributions to it. It also means that the software is not being dominated by one company. A lot of companies like Sun Microsystems, Google, IBM, Novell, even Microsoft produce open source software and turn it over to programmers that are not employed by them (at least they don't have to be) or to each other. Universities also create open source software. Anyway, the point is, when the code is not owned and there is no real effort to make a profit, the software comes to us inexpensively. That makes me happy. The software is typically pretty good and useful.

Today's featured site, www.cnet.com or www.download.com, is a very useful site for finding these open source products. The site allows you to download software free most of the time. The site also contains non-open source software that is also inexpensive or free. Here is a brief list of some products that I have found useful and that are completely free:

1. AVG Anti-virus software: a really decent anti-virus software for windows (maybe mac)
2. Firefox - you can download this browser in a lot of places but download.com has it and i love it so i have to mention it.
3. Spybot - this is a great spyware detecter and destroyer... try it out, you will be amazed at how much crap you have
4. Ccleaner - I hope this stays available forever. It automates the cleaning of your recycle bin, internet cache, temp files, etc. Run it once and you will be amazed at the quantity of hard drive space that is possessed by meaningless crap. If its not available for free for some reason, e-mail me and I will get you a copy of it.
5. Rocketdock - I love this software for PC. It gives you a dock (like on a mac) that is pretty cool to use. Try it out. You will become addicted to how easy it is to access your files using the dock.

check out the site and the products I listed, if you wish, and enjoy!

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