Friday, May 9, 2008

The List Universe

Well, every blog has to start somewhere. So here it goes... Drum roll please... The first featured site is: the List Universe ( So who likes David Letterman's Top 10? Well, to tell you the truth, I hate it. I think his top ten lists are rarely funny, and when they are funny, they aren't really that funny. I dwell upon "the funny" because when something is meant to be funny, it darn well better be measured in terms of funny. Which its not. The List Universe is not intended to be just funny. The lists in the universe can be funny, sad, amazing, crazy, absurd, dumb, extremely interesting, unintersting, or whatever else. Each list offers its own standard by which it should be judged.

So, the site is basically a blog that has a new list everyday. The lists range in content from
"Bizarre Mental Disorders" ( to the "Top 10 Most Evil Women" ( to the "Top 10 Most Amazing Film Sword Fights" (

The really great thing about this site is that there are numerous authors and the lists cover a very broad range of subject matter. Check it out. There are many lists on the site so make sure to use the search feature to find a list on a subject that interests you or to simply browse the archive of the thousands of lists already posted.

You want to know what my favorite list is huh? Well, I don't really have one, but for the sake of discussion: The top 10 worst movie scenes. This list made me laugh. The teen witch scene is definitely the worst, even though it wasn't deemed so.

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Mark and Kris said...

Do you have too much time on your hands? Well, maybe this week, but that will come to an end soon. You will be so busy that even thinking about updating your blog will put back another week. If you have so much time to spend on blogging, then I think you need to come home and do some yard work Mister. And I mean soon. So there you have it. Oh, and I will be sure to check out your lists.