Thursday, May 1, 2008

What is the dull bulb?


The dull bulb is a place to learn about interesting sites and software. I also like to share an occasional video. Mostly, I just want to tell people about some of the cool stuff out there in the digital world that will either make them more efficient in what they do or just have more fun with their computer. My main focus is as follows:
  • Internet sites that are informative, funny, provide good consumer offers, provide interesting news, etc.
  • Software that is useful and that will provide you with a way of doing what you like to do on your computer for FREE.
I am a strong freeware and shareware advocate (click the word to learn about any of the highlighted topics). Many times, these software solutions are open source which also makes me an advocate of that software design methodology. I want to help people learn about solutions to common computer needs and issues that are don't cost them money - TECHNOLOGY SHOULD BE ACCESSIBLE.

But Why?

Really, the idea of the site came from fact that sometimes it is hard to know where to go to find interesting things on the net. I enjoy surfing the web mostly because I have a broad range of interests (ranging from sports [go Cubs!] to open source software to funny or cool videos). I really enjoy telling people about the things I find. I am regularly asked by friends and family questions like: "where did you find that site?" or "what is that program you are using?" or whatever. We all hear about cool sites or other interesting things from friends or family, but that is only every so often. The purpose here, then, is to create a one stop site for interesting things that is updated daily. If you are like me and want to check out new and interesting things, then this site is for you.

Anyway, I hope that you will like the site. More than that, I hope that you will help me with input on what has been posted and give me ideas for more interesting sites. I can come up with stuff by myself for a long time but I want the site to be particularly interesting to you so please help me with some input. Additionally, I have included a link on the front page of the blog indicating that you can subscribe to the site. Subscription occurs by simply getting the RSS feed from the site and linking it to your reader.

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