Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Windows XP: Service Pack 3

Microsoft has recently rolled out an important Windows XP update called service pack 3 (SP3). Service pack 2 came out a few years ago and made a lot of new improvements for XP. SP3 is not as big of a deal as SP2 however, it is still critical to update. Improvements to the OS are minor. So why install it? Good question... It is always critically important to update to the newest version of any software package (could be the operating system or any application like Word) so that you have the latest and greatest in security for that application. Some applications that access the internet need to have special layers of security in order to ensure that the ports they use to communicate with the net are secure. Hackers find security weaknesses in such programs and will use their ports to gain control of that application and sometimes your computer. The best way you can protect your computer is by making sure it is up to date. Most of your computers will have automatically updated to the new version. To verify, follow these steps:

1. right click on the "my computer" icon on your desktop or on your start menu
2. select "properties"
3. a window will come up with information on it. Somewhere in there, you should see "Service Pack 3". If you don't then you need to download and install it. Click me.

Well, that's really it for this post. Nothing too interesting or exciting... just necessary. Just make sure you have SP3.


Rutter Family said...

Or you could just use Mac OS and bag the whole POS windows idea. But ahh..


the dull bulb? said...

Actually, Mac OS X is updated in around the same frequency as Windows OS's. While I agree that Windows is inferior to Mac OS X (I use Mac) I don't think that it's fair to say that if you change from Mac you won't have to deal with updates. Updates are critical for any operating system or application. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.