Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Off-The-Wall Site of the Week

This is a new feature... Everything about the site is a new feature... Anyway, I like to find off the wall sites (successful ones usually) and I would like to share them with everyone. Most of the time, these sites will be humorous (at least to me) and random. So without further ado, today's featured Off the Wall Site of the Week is: Grey and Red, A Squirrel Journal.

This site is definitely off-the-wall. The author, squirrelmama, has a vibrant love of furry animals, in particular, squirrels. From what I can tell, she is a wildlife rehabber/ squirrel enthusiast. Most of her posting talks about current squirrel events. The author also includes personal stories regarding the little rodents and has a very colorful way of explaining her feelings towards them. "Two fragile lives, two delicate decisions" is an excerpt from a post by the author called "Robo-rodent".

"Even in his tough guy "Terminator" role, Arnold Schwarzenegger might not know how to resist the nut-begging antics of this one Amherst, Mass. squirrel: Rocky the Robotic Squirrel is part of a behavioral experiment undertaken by scientists at Hampshire College. And he has a lot in common with Arnold because he is a mechanized life form (without the trademark angry scowl of AHHHHNOLD's "Terminator" role). Perhaps we should call him The Squirrinator."

The story goes on to tell about this particular squirrel experiment and how they are using the robotic squirrel to interact with other actual animals to observe behavior.

I know that the site is meant to be serious and light-hearted. Indeed, I find it both light hearted and humorous, however, it is definitely an off-the-wall site. Enjoy it.

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