Saturday, May 10, 2008


I have missed The Office now two weeks running. Moving has taken its toll on my TV watching (not that that is a bad thing). I think its best to miss most things on TV which is what makes Tivo so wonderful. It allows you to watch ONLY what you want rather than what is on... this isn't about Tivo. Indeed, the trouble for people like me is that we don't have Tivo or DVR or those other nifty TV recording gadgets (VCR?? yeah right). So in a time of need, rational people either get on itunes and buy the episode (which is silly if you don't buy the whole season) or pirate said episode. Well, fortunately, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and other broadcasting syndicates (I mean corporations) are streaming episodes online, through their websites, at no cost. Many of you already know this. The issue, then, is having to go to each of the sites, navigate through some potentially confusing website architecture and deal with some strange video streaming software that takes time to load. You then have to deal with a bunch of advertisements and the like. The worst part? You have to do this for any show you missed across the many networks out there! (TYRANTS!! can't convenience be MORE convenient!)

There is a solution (a legal one, even) to this madness. A video streaming website that combines all of your episodes onto one convenient site. The software that streams the videos is akin to what is used by YouTube. It loads fast and is easy to use and even share (I have included a sample with this blog, plus if you keep checking the site I will update it with funny clips mostly using You can see most of the episodes you enjoy using this site.

But, what if the show I like is on the WB (Smallville or something... thats the only good show on the WB) and they aren't hip and with it enough to stream videos using hulu? Never you fear. Sidereel is your secondary solution to missing your favorite TV shows. Sidereel actually has more content but a lot of it may not be legitamate (okay, I'll say it... illegal). But it is also a video streaming site that provides you with benefits of watching (in full screen, but not as good of quality as hulu) the shows you love and missed.

There you have it folks. Two very convenient video streaming sites that will enable you (as long as you have broadband) to enjoy the goodness that tv has to offer. Enjoy!

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