Saturday, May 10, 2008

Slashdot: News For Nerds

Many news sites contain a link to what they call "Technology News". What the link should really say is "Nerd News". For nerds to get their news they need to visit a lot of these news sites and sort through the stories to find the news that truly interests them. As is probably obvious, there are many news sites that are particularly geared towards the nerd at heart but I found one that seems to be expertly geared to nerds... almost as if a nerd (or group of nerds made it). So, of what interest is this site to us "non-nerds"? Some of us may not be nerds but still have nerd tendencies. If you are interested in technology news even to the slightest, this site is perfect.

Slashdot is divided into a variety of categories. The site reads like one long list of news lines with paraphrased stories attached. Next to each headline is an icon indicating what category it belongs to. So, lets say you are a "non-nerd" that likes to follow news about space exploration... (sounds kind of nerdy). You could scroll through the news links looking for little NASA icons (which indicate space news). Or let's say instead you have investments in Microsoft and want to know what the company is up to in most all of its endeavors. The nerds know a lot about this and so you would scroll through the page of today's news for little icons of Bill Gates. Even better, you can search the site for all recent news on Microsoft and read it all in much the same way.

So what is the advantage of this site over, say, Google (I mean, why not just google "Microsoft" and see all news stories and browse that way?) Well, as you all know, searching Google for such information will bring back a very broad range of links. Slashdot is a concentrated news site... It is a one stop shop for Tech news (like Walmart). So, check out the site, enjoy it...

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